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The only exhaust specialists in Joondalup, we only use the best brands including Manta, Magnaflow, Pacemaker, DBA and Bendix


At Joondalup Exhaust & Brake Centre we cater for all types of suspension from standard shock absorber replacement to lowering your street machine for that aggressive stance. We can improve handling or lift your 4WD to turn into an off-road beast. We source all the best gear and have the expertise. So whether it’s your family car or your dream car can handle all your suspension needs.

4WD Modifications

At Joondalup Exhaust & Brake Centre we can turn your 4WD from mild to wild. We supply and fit the best exhaust systems on the market for your 4WD. We can also fit a Snorkel to help it breathe even better. We can also arrange a tune to further enhance the performance of your vehicle.

We also offer a complete steering and suspension service from basic repairs to big lifts. We source all the best gear and we have the expertise so we can deliver your dream whether it’s an all-terrain beast, a tough workhorse or even the family car that you just want to improve the fuel economy on or give it little more Pep or both. We can do it all.

Log Book Services

That do not affect your warranty

At Joondalup Exhaust and Brake Centre we can carry out a full log book service on your new or used vehicle that will not affect your warranty. We use and recommend Castrol lubricants and only use parts that meet or exceed original equipment specifications. We can also stamp your log book.

We also have the latest diagnostic equipment and we are constantly undertaking training to keep us abreast of the latest technology. What we don’t do is pay franchise or dealer fees so we can pass the savings on to you without compromising quality.

Bolt On Performance

At Joondalup Exhaust and Brake Centre we deal with all the major manufacturers of bolt-on performance exhausts including headers for everything including classic Aussie muscle, turbo diesel European vehicles, 4WD and American muscle, we can supply and fit it. We source the best gear including Manta, Magnaflow, Borla, Hurricane, Redback and Pacemaker.

Before you fork over your hard earned cash for that eBay bargain, ask us for a quote on fitting, we have seen most of them and can tell you what works and what doesn’t so don’t get caught out. Everything we sell has a minimum 2-year warranty. We have been here since 1991, so we aren’t going anywhere. If you need help we are here it’s what we do.

Standard Replacement Exhaust

Over time all vehicles exhaust systems will eventually need replacing. We have access to the best quality and priced replacement mufflers in Australia. We source our parts from all over and are not tied to any one supplier which means we only fit the best. We can also supply bolt-on mufflers over the counter if you fancy having a go yourself.

For those tricky models that parts are not readily available for we can usually make something up on the vehicle that will work just as well. All replacement mufflers have a minimum 2-year warranty.

Customized Exhaust

Want something a bit different to the norm? Chasing a different sound to everyone else? Want to put a long range tank in your 4WD and need the exhaust moved? We can handle all this and more. Over the years there isn’t much we haven’t been asked to do and there isn’t much we can’t do.

From tailpipe mods to full custom race car exhausts we can build anything to your specifications to suit your budget and vehicle.

Diagnosing & fixing faults in catalytic convertors

Engine light on? Got an annoying rattle? No need to stress we can help. One of the most frequently misdiagnosed problems in vehicles these days is the catalytic converter. Before we replace a catalytic converter no matter who has diagnosed it we check them ourselves using our state of the art machines. In most cases, a failed catalytic converter is actually a symptom of another issue which should be rectified before fitting a new one.

We only use quality catalytic converters like Magnaflow which meet or exceed OEM specs to keep those lights off for good. We also can supply and fit Maniverters (Manifold and catalytic converter combined assemblies) and high flow cats as well as standard underfloor cats.

Brake Upgrades

We can supply and fit brake upgrades including disc rotors, brake pads, master cylinders and calipers to all sorts of vehicles. Got your own kit you would like fitted? No problem bring it down for a quote.

Brake Repairs

It goes without saying that your brakes are one of the most important components of your whole vehicle. So when they start to play up why would you trust anyone but the experts. With our onsite brake lathe, we can machine rotors in-house saving you money on new discs and guaranteeing no more brake shudder or squeaking.

We only use and recommend Bendix Brake pads for trouble-free braking. When it is time for new disc rotors rest assured you are buying the highest quality Australian made DBA rotors that we buy directly from the manufacturer. We also are able to diagnose and repair the complete hydraulic braking system on all vehicles and trailers. When it comes to brakes, don’t risk it, come and see the professionals for your free brake inspection.

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